Through An Ayurvedic Perspective

the vayus






the doshas

vata air-ether

pita fire-water

kapha earth-water

One year to become proficient students or teachers

The program presents a series of classes, workshops and webinars along the year with different contents, preparing you to raise your level of practice, or to refine your teaching skills.

Mandana is a former mental health worker and an art-therapy practitioner.

Her path led her to David Gallant’s teaching a former professional dancer from Alberta. She has 500h training in Iyengar approach, including therapeutic yoga and advanced teaching skills. She studied with many senior Iyengar teachers, and the famous teacher of Ashtanga teachers Chuck Miller. She currently offers free webinars in Anatomy from a therapeutic point of view to teachers from her own YTT team. Always driven by her passion, she will coordinate a yoga teacher training next year with her colleague Jamie Lee, (E-RYT 500h) and will raise money for the Matinrazm Foundation.

She will be teaching weekly and monthly, in French and in English:

Tridoshic doshas

Ether, Air, Earth, Fire,Water qualities

  •   Yoga Nidra ,

Also called the Yoga of sleep, rooted in Carl Jung’s active imagination theory , we will explore how contemplation can lead to various states of consciousness and change the way the nervous system respond to our thoughts.  No experience required

  • Alignment-based classes, inspired by Iyengar methodology

The genius behind Iyengar’s art is not only about the high level of precision but a fine quality to hold the space in order to experiment a slower pace of practice. More endurance and mental challenge will get ride of all the unnecessary mental disturbances, and emotional struggle. It is a 90 min course, the pose being held longer, that will test your patience a lot, some are passive, others active!

  • Vinyasa classes, inspired by Ashtanga and the primary series

More common, the poses are linked together in a more flowing pace with less space for exploration. The pace being faster, it requires to be with more focus and inner balance, since the poses are more challenging in the form itself. Because of the fast-paced quality of this practice, it is stimulating a lot the blood circulation, the students will find them-selves very grounded and vitalized if done properly.

Prenatal Yoga classes, Private classes

Strictly based on Geeta Iyengar methodology and Lois Steinberg work research, Mandana will teach at a slower pace yoga class using the intelligence of props as a guide for better and safe alignment. She will teach starting from your 3rd semester only.


Vata-Kapha doshas

Air-Earth-Water qualities

  • Ashtanga break-down practice

When Iyengar meets Ashtanga! It is probably the best way to learn the primary series within an alignment setting. Very rarely we got the chance to add alignments and adjustments during an Ashtanga practice. This is the opportunity to learn differently with sensitive-mind perspective.

  • Free Webinars on Doug Keller’s deep therapeutic studies

These webinars are for advanced practitioners, or any teacher who is in need for more refinement. It is therapeutic Yoga-anatomy based. Those webinars do not lead to any credentials, they only offer you a chance to open discussions and share your teachings experience amongst like-minded yoga teachers. We are following step by step Doug Keller through his thorough search on corrective instructions, (what to say and when).  The webinars are Bilingual.

For more information, please leave a message at 514-778-4769 with your name, number, and the time to better reach you.